Vault Rosé

Limited Edition!


Batch Two - We've used English rosé wine from Westwell in Kent, combined with the last of the Yorkshire Rhubarb, the first of the English strawberries, surplus sloe berries from Abingdon Distillery's sloe gin, excess grapefruit (from our Rosso production), destined-for-waste lemon leaves that arrive with our Amalfi lemons, dandelion, burdock, cassia, cinchona, hibiscus & wormwood.


This is our quintessential British summer drinking vermouth. Fresh, lively and fruit forward with strawberry and rhubarb all over the palate, and a long gentle herbaceous finish. Enjoy straight over ice with a slice of pink grapefruit or tall with tonic.

Key notes: strawberry, rhubarb and sloe berries


16% ABV | 75cl

Vault Rosé