Champagne + Oysters Vermouth v3

Its back, with a new a look and a new collaborator.


We’ve partnered with our friends at Victory Distillery and Renegade Urban Winery to bring version three of our beautiful “Champagne + Oysters” Vermouth.

Riesling, White Pinot Noir, Oyster Shell, Austrian Pine, Green Coffee, Rhubarb Root, Nettle, Rosehip, Olive Leaf, Wormwood, Rock Samphire, Sea Purslane, Alexanders Shoots, Sea Spaghetti, Scots Pine, Lemon Peel, Nasturtium

Tasting note: Fresh acidity and salinity combine in this low sugar, gently bitter drinking vermouth with key notes of lemon, olive leaf, pine, Alexanders shoots & oyster shell.


You may notice some sediment or crystals form in this vermouth. These are known affectionately, as wine diamonds.


The crystals are formed from tartaric acid which is naturally occurring in all wines and provides structure, balance and flavour. We have not cold stabalised this wine or treated it with any chemicals. We wanted the wine to stay young, fresh and natural. The crystals are tasteless and completely harmless. They will settle in the bottle, so just take care when pouring.

18.3% ABV | 75cl

Champagne + Oysters Vermouth v3