Champagne + Oysters Vermouth v2

Limited Release!

Vault Vermouth x Victory London


The response to our first batch stunned us when it sold out in a matter of hours, so we've teamed up with our friends at Victory London (again!) to bring batch two of our joyous drinking vermouth: "Champagne + Oysters". (Please note that this is still a limited collaborative release!)


We've tweaked the botanical bill based on seasonality and customer feedback:


Laurent Cazottes Mauzac and Loin de L'Oeil & Westwell Ortega wines. Wormwood, rhubarb, green coffee, Norwegian pine, Epping acorns, Colchester oyster shell, green olive, marjoram, bay, lemon thyme, samphire, lovage, bronze fennel, sweet lemon & bergamot.

16.3% ABV | 75cl

Champagne + Oysters Vermouth v2