Champagne + Oysters Vermouth v4

This is an extra special limited release as it marks the next step in the evolution of Vault.


“Champagne and Oysters” Vermouth is a series of collaborations between Dan Joines and Max Chater (formerly of Victory London Distillery.) Each version has been a joy to make and a triumph to taste. Now in its fourth iteration, Champagne and Oysters v4 is our first as a fully fledged team. We have once again partnered with the brilliant Renegade Urban Winery (using their Riesling as the base) and the excellent Chris Coulson, who has captured all of the stunning pictures.


Ingredients - Riesling. Oyster Shell. Pine. Green Coffee. Rhubarb Root. Cowslip. Nettle. Dandelion. Wormwood. Sugar Kelp. Rock Samphire. Juniper Branches. Sweet Cicely. Amalfi Lemons. Amalfi Lemon Leaf.


Profile - On the nose, a bright crisp morning walk along the Devonshire coast. On the palate, bracing clean acidity meets fresh oyster minerality, with a green, gentle and long bitter finish.


A note on the label - Designed by Max using print generated artwork by the multi-talented Felix Cohen (bar owner - Daisy, Margate) - it shows the tidal data of Exmouth coast, where we sourced the oysters for this Vermouth.


You may notice some sediment or crystals form in the bottle. These are affectionately known as wine diamonds. The crystals are formed from tartaric acid which is naturally occurring in all wines and provides structure, balance and flavour. We have not cold stabilised this wine or treated it with any chemicals. We wanted the wine to stay young, fresh and natural. The crystals are tasteless and completely harmless. They will settle in the bottle, so just take care when pouring.


18.3% ABV | 75cl


Champagne + Oysters Vermouth v4