Champagne + Oysters Vermouth v1

Limited Release!


A collaboration that started, as many great things do, with a discussion over iced trays of fresh oysters and glasses of good champagne...


This very special vermouth is a collaboration with our friends at Victory London Distillery; a joyus 'drinking' Vermouth. Best as a large pour over ice, or 50/50 with Indian Tonic. 


" 'Champagne and Oysters' is very low in sugar but the macerations give a full bodied, soft mouthfeel, even neat. There is a assertive bitterness. Almost bracing and long but gentle. An almost red wine tannic quality from Acorn and fresh olive. The nose of fresh lemon thyme and green coffee leaps from the glass. A slight salinity from the oyster shells, fresh olive flesh and samphire balance the bitterness beautifully. A delightful sipping vermouth. For me this is for quaffing on ice alongside some nibbles, salted and smoked almonds, anchovies and of course oysters! " (Max Chater, Victory London Distillery)


Forty Hall Bachus & Westwell Ortega Wines, Wormwood, Rhubarb, Green Coffee, Pine, Epping Acorns, Oyster Shell, Fresh Olive, Samphire, Lemon Verbena, Apple Marigold, Pineapple Mint, Lemon Thyme


750ml - 16.3% abv 

This is a super limited release. We'd recommend getting your orders in ASAP to make sure you have something extra shiny and special under your tree this Christmas!


With love,

Team Vault

Champagne + Oysters Vermouth v1


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    Photography by Nic Crilly-Hargrave

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