The Vault:
Past Projects

Vault Vermouth Rose
Champagne and Oysters Vermouth v1
Champagne and Oysters Vermouth v2

Vault Vermouth Rosé

June + July 2021

A summer limited edition Rosé vermouth, made using Rosé wine from Westwell in Kent, sloe berries and gin from Abingdon distillery and a botanical focus on the last of the Yorkshire rhubarb and first of the English strawberries.

"Champagne + Oysters" Vermouth v1

December 2020

A collaboration with our friends at Victory Distillery which started - as many great things do - with a discussion over iced trays of fresh oysters and glasses of good champagne.

"Champagne + Oysters" Vermouth v2

January 2021

A follow up second batch to our unique collab "Champagne and Oysters" vermouth with Victory Distillery. Back with a new look and botanical bill to reflect the change in seasons.